Instant notification

Payment Alerts

Get an alert whenever your balance changes

  • Easy to enable yourself
  • Also for your child’s account
  • Alerts sent through the ABN AMRO app are free of charge

How it works


1. Log in

Open the app on your phone and log in


2. Enable push notifications

Go to 'Profile > 'Access and usage' > 'Set push notifications'


3. Set up your alerts

Done? You'll get automatic confirmation!


ABN AMRO has discontinued payment alerts by text message and email

We have noticed that fewer and fewer customers are using these alerts, which is why we have decided to stop sending them by text message and email.

If you used alerts by text message and email and would like to keep being notified of changes to your balance, you can enable payment alerts in the ABN AMRO app. It’s easy to enable this service, and it is free of charge. 

However, you cannot enable a payment alert for a savings account in the ABN AMRO app.

Yes, the alerts you receive from the ABN AMRO app are secure.