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Overboeken zonder e.dentifier

Transferring money and making payments without an e.dentifier

You decide when you want this to be possible

Want to be able to transfer money or make iDEAL payments without having to confirm with the e.dentifier? You can, as long as the total amount does not exceed your . Set your limit to match your situation. If you want to temporarily raise your daily limit, you can do so up to a maximum of € 50.000 for transfers or payments within the Netherlands using the ABN AMRO app. This is also the maximum amount for payments on Internet Banking that you can confirm with the app. Do not keep your limit raised for longer than necessary.

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How to set your daily limit

  1. Open the app

    Go to Profile > Daily transfer limit.

  2. Select an amount

    Set a limit and end date that are right for your situation. You can raise the  up to a maximum of € 50.000. An end date is compulsory for limits upwards of € 2.500. After the end date, the daily limit will automatically be reset to your previous limit. Do not keep your limit raised for longer than necessary. It takes four hours for your new limit to take effect. This is to protect you from scammers.

Frequently Asked Questions

You currently still can, if you want. Do bear in mind, though, that the e.dentifier will ultimately be discontinued.

At present, you still need the e.dentifier if the total amount of your transfers in one day exceeds your . You can now raise your daily limit to anywhere up to € 50.000 in the app. This means that you will not need your e.dentifier to confirm transfers or iDEAL payments up to this amount.

It is important for you yourself to be aware of how to use your device and your details securely. Take a look at our security tips. Lost your phone? Find out what your options are.

This delay is intended to protect you from scammers. Every time you raise your daily limit, there is a new four-hour waiting period. Changing the end date for your daily limit will also trigger another four-hour waiting period before your new daily limit takes effect.