Moving house

Make sure your insurance cover is in order

Moving house will often affect your insurance policies, for example because your new house is bigger or you have more possessions. The area where you live also influences your insurance premium.

Submit your new address

If you are about to move house or have done so already, please let us know your new address. This is known as the ‘risk address’. If you do not let us know, you may not be properly insured. You can do this online. For home contents insurance, please call us on 0900 - 00 24 .

Legal expenses insurance

Moving house means you have to deal with a large number of different parties, so legal expenses insurance may be a good option in case you come across hidden defects or have a disagreement with the contractor. Our legal expenses insurance helps you take care of such issues and covers you for legal assistance.

Home insurance

If you have just bought your own home, you will need to update your current home insurance or apply for a new policy. This will cover you for damage to your house and any property in or attached to your house caused by burglary, storm or theft, for example.

Home contents insurance

When you move house, you may also buy new things, so always check whether your home contents insurance cover is still sufficient after the move. Your policy will tell you this, or you can easily check it online.

More peace of mind: personal possessions cover

We are always on the move and we often take our laptops, smartphones and cameras with us. Our personal possessions cover makes sure your belongings are covered outside the home too. It forms part of our extended home contents insurance policy, which you can take out by calling us or visiting one of our branches. Please call 0900 - 00 24  to modify your ABN AMRO home contents insurance cover.

Term life insurance

When buying a new home, it is a good idea to take out term life insurance, especially if your living expenses have increased or you have young children. This ensures that relatives will not be left with a mortgage debt they cannot repay.

Car insurance

If you buy a new home, it is likely that the travel time between your home and work will change. You need to let your insurer know about this. If you will travel shorter distances by car, it is often possible to get a lower premium. The area where you live also influences your premium.

From an own home to a rented home

If you are selling your own home and will be renting a home, you no longer need home insurance. You can cancel this as soon as your home has been sold.