Always the right insurance cover

Check your insurance on a regular basis

When your personal situation changes, for example if you are getting married, moving house or expecting a child, it’s a good idea to check your insurance policies. This will prevent you from having duplicate insurance policies or being under-insured. Want to quickly check which insurance you currently have? Internet Banking presents all your insurance policies together in a clear summary.


Things can go wrong, even when you are on holiday. Make sure that you are well insured during your trip and regularly check whether your cover still fits your situation and needs.


Which insurance policies does your child need during his/her studies and which of your own insurance policies need to be changed? Make sure that your child is well insured while studying or living elsewhere.

Moving in together or getting married

If you are going to live together or get married, check which insurance both of you have and which you would like to keep. Also be sure to notify us of the change to your family situation.


If you have recently had a child or your children have left home, always notify us of the changes to your family situation so you remain well insured. Also make sure that your child is insured along with you or has taken out insurance independently.

Renovating and moving house

Renovating your home or moving house will affect your insurance policies, for example because your new house is bigger or better secured, or because you have more possessions. If you move house, you also need to change your risk address.