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Home insurances

€50 cashback and 25% premium discount

Our Dutch home insurances complement one another. And thanks to each policy’s unique characteristics, they fit together perfectly. This means you will always have the right cover and only pay for what you need. If you take out more than three insurance policies, you will also qualify for 5% package discount. That’s a nice extra! 

We only offer the most popular insurance policies online, enabling you to easily take out all your insurance policies in one go. However, you can also change or extend your home insurance cover later. Take a look at our home insurances in the Netherlands below and apply now.

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€50 cashback and 25% premium discount

It feels good to know that your home and personal belongings are well insured. And if you take out 2 or more home insurance policies before 14 November 2022, you will receive a €50 cashback. How great is that? 

Are you taking out a new home contents insurance and/or home insurance? Then you will also get a 25% discount on these premiums for the first 12 months.

Stress-free living with our home insurances

Home contents insurance

Items in your home, garage or shed insured

  • Convenient for your own or rented home
  • Most popular home insurance policy
  • Underinsurance guarantee

Home insurance

Your home, garage or shed insured

  • Indispensable for your own home
  • Solar panels also insured
  • Glass also insured

Liability insurance

Insured against damage to third parties and their possessions

  • For the entire family
  • No excess
  • Insured worldwide
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I’m moving house!

Moving to a new home in the Netherlands can be daunting and you might not be thinking of your insurance right away. No worries: we will do this for you. Read more about the things you will need to consider when moving house.

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First open a bank account

Thank you for your interest in our insurances. Taking out an insurance policy is easy, but you will need an ABN AMRO current account in order to do so. Luckily, you can open an account in just a few minutes.

Why choose ABN AMRO’s home insurances?

Up to 5% package discount

When taking out three or more insurance policies, you will get a discount on your premium.

Need help?

Simply give us a call. We are available 24/7.

Personal contact for large claims

This means you only have to explain what happened once.