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ABN AMRO Claims Service

Have damage to your car repaired easily

The ABN AMRO Claims Service is a network of reliable repair companies, such as professional garages or brand dealers. Having your damage repaired by a company from this network comes with many benefits that make things just that little bit easier for you. And that’s always welcome, because having to claim is stressful enough.

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Find out the benefits

Having damage repaired by a company from our network only has benefits, such as the following: 

  • ABN AMRO will pay the bill straight to the repair company.
  • Free alternative transport while your vehicle is being repaired, for up to 30 days, but not in the case of damage to windows.
  • 4-year guarantee on the repairs. 
  • Excellent damage repair network. 
  • No excess in the case of theft (or attempted theft), break-in or joyriding if your car meets the security conditions
  • No excess if you have a chip in your windscreen repaired.
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Using your own repair shop

If you’d prefer to go to your own repair shop, you can. Just bear in mind that you will then not enjoy the benefits of using the ABN AMRO Claims Service, such as alternative transport and a guarantee on the repairs. Before having damage repaired by your own repair shop, please call us on +31 (0)38 49 67 123.


Discover the Direct Claims Settlement

Someone damaged your car? With the Direct Claims Settlement (DCS), you report the damage to your car to your own car insurer at ABN AMRO Verzekeringen. This way, you don't have to submit a claim to the liable party's insurer anymore.

How it works

Report the damage first of all. You can see immediately whether it is covered. If your damage is covered, make an appointment at a repair company near you.

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